All schools and colleges are closed for 16th day

All schools and colleges in the Indian state of West Bengal have been ordered to close from Monday. A notice on Saturday (March 7) said all schools, colleges and madrasas will remain closed till March 7.

However, in this case, the higher secondary examination will be conducted according to the schedule. Earlier, it was informed by the authorities that the Kharagpur IIT was closed till March 7.

Students have started leaving campus since morning. Besides, all the classes and exams of Vishwakarmati University have been closed from today. Even the hostel has decided to close the hostel. All events are also ordered to be closed.

After March 7, the authorities will issue further guidance. On March 8, a UGC guidance came out to warn about coronavirus.

In view of this, the Biswarati authorities made this decision unanimously at the emergency meeting. Students are banned from returning to the hostel until further instruction.