The government has decided to close government offices due to the Corona virus

Hasan Mahmood says shutdowns can occur anywhere in the country if needed. At a briefing on contemporary political issues in the Presidency of the Ministry of Information on Thursday afternoon, he told reporters.

Asked if there were any plans for a shutdown, he said there was a detailed discussion on the Corona virus at the ECNEC meeting today. Ministers-secretaries have talked about what to do. And any action can be taken depending on the situation regarding the shutdown. Shut down has not been decided at this time. It can be anywhere if needed. Massive migrants have come to certain places, hundreds have appeared. They are coming and going. If any of them have coronas, then they will be infected. In all these cases, necessary steps may be taken. However, the decision was not taken at today’s ECNEC meeting.

About spreading the rumors on Facebook, he said, I would request the countrymen not to spread rumors. Rumors have been spread that four doctors at United Hospital have been attacked, which is totally rumor. In the wake of rumors spreading panic among the people, the government is determined to take strict action according to the law.

He said that where the coroner’s origin was, China did not control it. All preparations have been taken by the government in our country too. Over 10 million people in Bangladesh live abroad. We have many citizens in countries in Europe, including Italy. Many came to the country because of the coronation, many did not come to quarantine. So the government has been forced to take action. All preparations for the Mujib Bars have been canceled but the program has been canceled. Our party has canceled the meeting. Leaders of the acting artists-makers’ organizations today also discussed their breakthroughs.

At the time, playwright Mamunur Rashid said many people were going to a halt because of Corona. Our makers and artists are with 5 organizations. We will decide when we will go to action. I am thinking of a break from 22nd March to 5th March.

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