The Health Minister informed about the closure of educational institutions

Asked about the closure of education programs across the country on the issue of coronavirus, Health Minister Zahid Malek Swapan said that the Ministry of Education will decide that the education program will be closed. Responding to reporters’ question after the emergency meeting at the Health Ministry on Sunday (March 7th), he said that necessary steps had been taken to prevent and fight the coroner virus.

“We have advised them on health issues,” the minister said. It is the responsibility of the education ministry not to stop it. We have no jurisdiction here. He said he wanted to protect the people of Bangladesh and said that he had been working hard for the last two months.

Asadul Islam, secretary of the health care department, said very little goes to the students without education. Who is ill, whose body is bad, everyone knows. The number of infected children is extremely global.

He also said that there is no strong for zero to 5 years. As a result, there is no reason for students to panic in these aspects. Parents should be scared, I fear parents too. In such a situation, the government will stop.