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Holidays In Education May Extend Up To May 30

Due to the coroner’s leave, the leave of the institution could also be extended till May 7. during this situation, various steps are taken to catch up on the loss of education within the students. Currently, the govt features a general holiday till April 7

The government has made arrangements for teaching television in primary and secondary level students to continue their studies. As a neighborhood of this, secondary level teaching has been happening at Parliament Bangladesh Television since Annunciation . Teaching students of elementary level begins at 2pm on an equivalent TV today.

Separate lessons are going to be provided for youngsters from grades 5 through 5, with 5 minutes. Besides, university level students have also been given online education. If an educator wants to lecture using the Bidiren, the inter-university connectivity of the University Grants Commission (UGC).

The University Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Akhtaruzzaman told Jugantar, “Our priority immediately is to tackle the epidemic.” Many of our students are dedicated to the service of the state . Therefore, it’s more important to affect things than to review at the instant .

When the disaster is over, we’ll determine what to try to to to catch up on the loss of education. Correspondents say, thanks to coronavirus, the overall leave has already been extended to three points on April 3. nobody can say how long this example will last.

However, many believe the vacation could also be extended under the prevailing social-spread of the virus. during this situation, a senior official of the Ministry of Education said that during this situation, the tutorial institution is thinking of announcing the opening of Eid once. Because, on April 26, the vacation will begin.

Contextually, all educational institutions are closed from March 7. consistent with the prevailing teachings, the fasting holiday begins on April 27. Although things in Corona has improved, there are only 3 working days after the vacations after April 5.

Secretary of the Secondary and better Department of Education of the Ministry of Education during this regard. Mahbub Hossain told Jugantar, “Our priority now’s to guard students from the present situation.” Then, if things improves, subsequent program are going to be reviewed and assessed.

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