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How to Choose a Travel Card

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Taking a trip may be less expensive when you are using it to book a travel credit card. If you earn points or miles during your stay, you can deduct as statement credit against air travel, hotel and other travel purchases.

Or, your card may allow you to book those next episodes or miles to book your next trip. Not to mention, some travel cards come with additional messes that can make your trip more comfortable. These parks include prestigious lounge access, hotel upgrades and travel insurance. As you search for your next travel card, these tips can help you find the right match for you.

Start with your needs

When choosing a travel credit card, it is useful to think about how you will use the card and what you need to do for it. For example, some travelers may prefer to earn the most miles or points in a trip. Others may be willing to extend travel permits and benefits such as lounge access or fee entry for Global Entry or TSA PreCheck (immediate security / customs procedure). In the end, your decision will reflect your reasons for obtaining a travel credit card. Here are some useful things to consider:

Including Branded Travel Reward Cards

If it is later, you can look at a brand’s airline credit card. Co-branded credit cards are sponsored by two parties. Credit card issuer and a travel brand, often an airline or hotel.

If a hotel or airlines partner has its own travel loyalty program, you can earn extra points or miles through your loyalty membership. Often, these extra points or miles are added to the points or miles you have already earned with your card.

This type of card may be less beneficial for travel if you are booking with other travel brands or using your card for daily purchases. One thing to consider when weighing a co-branded card is whether you are loyal to that particular brand or you are often booking with competing hotels or airlines.

General Travel Rewards Card

If you make a booking with multiple brands, you may be better off with a normal travel rewards credit card that gives you extra points or miles on all travel purchases rather than buying from specific travel airlines or hotels.

Common travel cards provide flexibility. If you are not sure what your travel needs are, a simple travel rewards card will not let you down by air travel or hotel status. These cards offer many luxury parks ranging from basic, modest travel rewards cards to premium American Express Platinum such as Discover It Miles.

Compare travel card features and benefits

Once you know which credit card you need, think about the specific features and benefits that the card offers you. Start by examining the card prize structure. Would you earn a flat rate of points – for example, 2 miles per dollar you spend on a card – or would the rewards be limited? If rewards are deducted, which spending class gives the most points or miles? For example, a simple travel card can give you 2 points or miles for every dollar you spend on restaurants and travel, and 1 point on anything.

Hotel Rewards Cards give you the most points through their websites and on their properties. In addition, they may have a secondary bonus level for travel and food that exceeds the base reward rate. Airline cards usually offer a bonus for shopping with you, and 1 base rate per dollar spent on all your other purchases.

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