All Educational Institutions Are Closed From Monday!

The state government has ordered the closure of all schools and colleges in the state from Monday. The state’s main administrative building, Nabanan, said this in a notification on Saturday. The directive states that all educational institutions, including school colleges and madrasas, will close by March 25.

However, high level tests will be conducted according to the schedule. Earlier, a notification was issued by the Kharagpur IIT to inform the authorities about the closure of it in March. Classes or seminars will not be held within closed hours. He has been leaving campus since Saturday morning following the instructions

Khargpur IIT officials have ordered the closure of the coroner virus class in March. Students are not allowed to go out on campus. Meanwhile, all the schools in South Kolkata were closed on Friday due to the terror of the coroner. There are 12,000 students in the school from nursery to high school.

The decision will be made when the school opens next week. Right now, South Point school officials say no one needs to come to school without much need. The university on Friday issued a notification. It is mentioned that due to the coroner virus, all classes will be closed until March 2 due to the virus.

All events will also be closed. Besides, the students of the university hostel have been instructed not to go out without need. Source: G20 hours