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Robi Internet Packages 2019 : All Offer

Robi Internet Packages 2019

Robi Internet Packages 2019 : All Mobile Data Offers at One Place information here. Robi is one of Bangladesh’s leading telecom company. This business always provides its client with some exclusive package deals. Robi is also the first provider of 4.5G network service. Here we try to provide most of the Robi internet packages information according to their new rule of 2019. Here is all about Robi internet offer 2019. Be with us at first to get the fresh internet offer from Robi. You also can check other all sim offers from here.


Robi Internet Packages 2019

There are many internet package on robi sim if you want more and more internet offer you can use robi sim for your best offer. Robi sim company is one of the best sim in bd in below we will give about robi internet package.

Robi internet recharge offer

We give all of the Robi recharge offer from Robi web packages / Robi web recharge offer here. This list is developed from their official website according to the latest offers from Robi. Here users will discover information of internet packages that can be recharged.So if you’re searching for an internet / Robi internet recharge offer 2019/robi recharge offer 2019, choose someone from this list:


OfferValidityActivation CodeRecharge Amount (BDT)
30 GB30 Days*123*999#999
20 GB30 Days*123*0996#911
15 GB28 Days*123*649#649
10 GB7 Days*123*0199#199
10 GB (7 GB + 3 GB 4G)Days 28*123*501#501
6 GB7 Days*123*148#148
4.5 GB (3 GB+1.5 GB 4G)7 Days*123*0129#129
4 GB (3 GB + 1 GB 4G)7 Days*123*0108#108
4 GB (3.5 GB Any+ 512 MB 4G)28 Days*123*316#316
1.5 GB30 Days*123*209#209
1.1 GB7 Days*123*101#101
750 MB14 Days*123*0074#74
250 MB28 Days*123*110#46

Robi Internet Packages 2019 list

Here we offer all the newly accessible internet deals for 2019. Following the fresh Robi offers, this list is developed. See the list of Robi’s 2019 web offer below:

1 GB 250 MB Bonus 100 SMS 50 Mins98 BDTDays 7 *123*098#
3 GB 500 MB Bonus 150 SMS 130 Mins249 BDTDays 7 *123*0249#
3 GB 1 GB Bonus 200 SMS 150 Mins489 BDTDays 30 *123*0489#
20 GB 10 GB Bonus911 BDTDays 30*123*0996#
2 GB Video streaming27 BDT2 Days*123*027#
10 MB3.44BDT1 Days*123*004#
45 MB12.2 BDT1 Days*123*782#
200 MB20 BDT1 Days*123*0020#
7GB 3 GB Bonus 500 SMS 500 Mins889 BDT30 Days*123*0889#
2 GB 1 GB Bonus316 BDTDays 30*123*085#
30 GB Video streaming 1 GB /DAY219 BDT30 Days*123*0219#
500 MB 500 MB Bonus119 BDTDays 30*123*0119#
350 MB18.26 BDT28 Days*123*56#
10 GB 8 GB Bonus 1000 SMS 1000 Mins1489 BDTDays 30*123*01489#
30 GB 20 GB Bonus 2000 SMS 2000 Mins2989 BDT30 Days*123*02989#
7 GB 3 GB Bonus649 BDTDays 30*123*7168#
350 MB Facebook, What’s app Bonus18.26 BDT28 Days*123*0250#
1 GB45 BDT7 Days*123*1024#
200 MB8 BDT1 Days*123*200#
1.5 GB 500 MB Bonus101 BDTDays 7 *123*101#
4 GB 500 MB Bonus179 BDTDays 7 *123*179#
4 GB 2 GB+2 GB 4G108 BDT7 Days*123*0108#
6 GB 3 GB+3 GB 4G129 BDT7 Days*123*0129#
10 GB 7 GB+3 GB 4G199 BDTDays 7 *123*0199#

Robi 500 MB Offer

This offer is for those users who need instant internet data pack. The total cost of this pack is 27 BDT. The validation time is 3 days. To activate this offer dial *123*027#. Users can also enjoy day Robi My Sports bonus subscription.

Robi 1gb offer

Robi is offering their users an outstanding 1 GB internet package offer at 45 BDT. Users searching for the internet package of Robi 1 GB can buy this internet package for 7 days. Those who are looking for Robi internet package 1gb 7 days can activate this. To activate this offer dial *123*1024#. It’s accessible for up to 7 days for 24 hours. Started from the activation day to after 6 days.

New Robi consumers can enjoy internet packages of 1 GB at 9 BDT as well. Easyload 54 BDT or recharge 34 BDT at first and they will qualify for this offer. They can enjoy this offer for the next 16 months maximum. This 1 GB offer is accessible from activation for 24 hours to 6 calendar days. This is the latest Robi 1gb offer 2019.

Besides these offers, people who search for Robi internet package 1gb, Robi 1gb 30tk, Robi 1gb free, Robi MB offer 2019 please keep eye on the list which already we have published. In the list, I have tried to input Robi all package.

Robi 1 GB @9 tk

This offer is available in new Robi sim. To avail, these offer users have to recharge 34 BDT at first. New can also enjoy this offer by easyload 54 BDT. This offer is available for the next 16 months from starting a new Robi sim.

Robi 1 GB @41 tk

It is a new Robi offer. If you are interested for Robi 1 GB @41 tk offer, you can activate this by using USSD code or recharge the balance. The validity of this offer is 3 days. Lets see the activation code. It is *123*041#. To test dial 8444 88 or for the web equilibrium. 

Robi 1.5 GB Offer

  • Robi 1.5 GB @48tk Offer: Any customer can also enjoy Robi 1.5 GB at just 48 BDT for days. They can activate this offer by the USSD code. The activation code is *123*48#. One can also activate this offer by recharge 48 BDT.
  • Robi 1.5 GB @101tk Offer: another Robi 1.5 GB Offer for their respective client is available here. Now consumers can take advantage of the Robi 1.5 GB offer at 101 BDT for days. To activate this bid, simply dial 123 101 or reload 101 BDT to your Robi operator. 

Robi 2 GB Offer

  • Robi GB at 54tk: Robi GB Offer is available at 54 BDT.  The validity time of this offer is 3 days. Enable this bid by dialing 123 54 or reloading BDT 54. 
  • Robi GB at 209tk: Robi GB offers can also be enjoyed for 30 days.  It costs 209 BDT because it’s monthly pack.  To activate this offer dial *123*209#. You can also buy it by recharge 209 BDT.

Robi 4 GB Offer

Users can appreciate 3.5 GB on any network and 512 MB on network in this Robi GB offer.  It is a monthly subscription pack. To activate this offer dial *123*316#. You can also activate it by recharge 316 BDT. For this offer, the validation time is 30 days.  The cost of this offer is 316 BDT. VAT, SD & SC all are applicable.

Robi 5 GB Offer

Users receive GB data for any network+1 GB data for network at the Robi GB offer.  The total cost of this pack is 129 BDT. To purchase this bid, dial 123 0129 for days.  You can also recharge the amount of cost.

Robi Bundle Offer

Robi has some exciting bundle offers with SMS, minutes, bonus MB including the main internet balance. This bundle offer is mostly accessible in data pack of GB and GB.

Robi 1 GB, 50 Minutes & 100 SMS

Now you can enjoy this exciting Robi internet offer. It is a bundle offer pack. One user will enjoy 50 Minutes talk time and 100 SMS with 1 GB internet data pack. To activate this offer dial *123*098# right now. It takes 98 BDT as a cost. The validity hour is 7 days.

Robi 2 GB (1.5 GB+0.5 GB 4G), 150 Min & 150 SMS 

This offer is available for both prepaid and postpaid sim users. Validity of this bundle offer is 30 days. Activate this bid by dialing 123 251 or reloading 251 BDT.  Here 1.5 GB data is for any network and 0.5 GB is avail for 4G network. To check the minute balance dial *222*8#, for SMS checking dial *222*12# and for internet balance checking dial *3# from prepaid and postpaid sim.

Robi Night Pack

Robi offers some night pack sometime. this offers updated regularly. Recently there is two-night internet package of GB and GB.

Recharge 36 BDT on your Robi sim to buy GB night pack.

  • It will charge 35.31 BDT including charge and vat.
  • This offer is valid for 3 days from 12 am to 10 am.
  • To activate this offer just dial *123*0239#.
  • This an auto-renewal package. There is another night of 1GB data pack.
  • The charge of this pack is 19 BDT.
  • It is also available for 3 days from 12-10 am.
  • To activate this offer dial *8444*31990#.
  • To check the remaining balance dial *8444*88#.

Robi Social Offer

  • GB IMO Pack at 49 BDT: Robi offers an interesting fresh offer.  It is Robi 1 GB IMO pack. Users can activate this offer by dialing USSD code. They can also purchase online via mobile price. The activation code is *123*056#. The validity time of this offer is 30 days. To activate this offer 49 tk on your Robi sim.
  • Robi 350 MB IMO Pack at 18 BDT: Another incredible IMO user social pack.  Only consumers of the IMO app can qualify for this offer. The activation code is *123*56#. This offer is valid for 28 days. It is a cost of 18 tk.

Robi Free Internet Offer

Robi sometimes provides some surprising offers of free internet. most of the time these offers vary to the users. Which offer is applicable for whom is notified through SMS. So who you are looking for Robi free internet offer 2019 keep alert about your mobile SMS.

Robi Internet Packages 2019 Unlimited

There is no specific unlimited package. But Robi has some GB mega information packages up to 10 GB. The customer can buy and enjoy these offers for 30 days.

Robi internet setting

To set up the Internet for Robi, go to the domain of APN and join the Internet.  Leave your Username and passwords into the fields blank. For MMS setting enter WAP under APN enter field. then use the proxy which is Proxy/ IP:

How to do Robi Data balance check

It is important to know how to check the remaining balance as well as present balance with validity. To check the Balance you can follow the following USSD code to check.

There are three USSD Code to check Data balance for all Robi Packages
The Codes are

  • *8444*88#
  • *123*3*5#
  • *3#

These are All about Robi Internet Packages. Still, have anything to know about the Package?

I will feel honored to help you. Feel free to ask me anything about The Internet Packages of Robi

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