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Should College Students Have Credit Cards?

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Such as learning to drive for the first time or moving away from home, getting your first credit card is an important opportunity for young college students to pass. Although young adults have already graduated with a record amount of student loan graduation, learning to use credit cards responsibly is a building block for access to other types of credit.

Many underwater credits prevent water testing. According to the Expert Specialist College Graduate Survey, only 5% of college students had at least one credit card. While graduating or due, the steady income component can be a smart move (especially for those not mature enough to handle it), or paying off monthly bills, avoiding credit cards for too long. Adult financial plans can be negatively impacted.

If you are a college student or a particular college student in your life, encourage you to sign up for a credit card – plus the best advice you can get in credit-learning cram sessions

Why college students should get credit cards

There are many reasons for a college student to get a credit card. These can include a positive credit history and a convenient way to pay.

Take a leap in the history of building credits.

Creating a credit history with college credit cards is important, as credit card payments demonstrate the ability to manage credit lines. Four years of college will fly by, and after graduation, college students will have to rent an apartment and take on other financial responsibilities. The homeowner, ND lender or creditor may reject a youth without a credit track record.

In fact, one of the main components of a credit score is the length of the credit history, which is 15% of your FICO credit score 2 (one of the popular consumer credit scoring models) until a credit history begins, that you Can collect more points on the score aspect. you can do it.

Credit cards provide a secure payment method.

Whether it is for college students to buy clothes online, book a trip, or pay for their streaming services, having a credit card is a convenient and sometimes secure, payment method. If credit card information is stolen, no student will be responsible for any fraud. However, if their debit card is tampered with, a pending investigation can link a student’s bank account, and depending on the timing of the fraud report, a student may face financial liability.

A college credit card is a good backup.

College students living in hostels may not have easy access to full-time cash After all, moms and dads can live hundreds of miles away! The college credit card can serve as a safety net in case of emergencies along the way, if the debit card is compromised or not working, or pick up a replacement graphing calculator from the campus bookstore.

The cards earn rewards and cash back.

Many credit cards allow card holders to earn rewards for their purchases – great fit for cashless college students, everyday expenses, irreversible costs, and maximizing rewards cards without ever spending their money to earn points. Do it College students who book flights for a family trip at break can save future fares with a travel rewards card. Locally based college students can expand their budget by rescheduling cash or gift cards.

Give 101 students a crash course on first credit

Years ago, lots of swags and freebies were given directly to the campus to encourage college students to sign up for credit cards. Today, however, credit providers and banks are no longer allowed to transfer credit lines such as candy

This means that college students who get credit cards will not have too much trouble because they have only a few hundred dollars to start their credit lines. He said, there are still many important credit lessons that all students must master before applying for credit:

Pay on time: Paying like time is not only a number factor affecting your credit score, but adding 30 or more days to your credit card will add a negative item to your credit report. This could potentially hurt their eligibility prospects for future car loans, apartments or other credit cards.

Show your college student how to set email and text notification reminders for bills by the due date. Or, make automatic payments so that the lowest minimum amount is always paid. Of course, the best way to avoid debt debt (especially if they face student loan repayments soon) is to pay more than the minimum balance, and to pay the full balance each month if possible.

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