Top 25 Scholarships in Sweden for International Students

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For 25 years, Sweden has been one of the few countries in Europe where you can study for free.

Sweden Government Scholarship for International Students »

Swedish Institute Scholarship for Global Professionals
The Swedish Institute for Global Professional Scholarships (SISGP) targets highly-qualified students from selected countries and is awarded full-time masters level study in Sweden. This includes both tuition fees, living expenses and insurance.

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Visby Program Scholarship
The Visby program offers students full scholarships for master’s programs in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. This scholarship includes tuition fees, living expenses of 9,000 seconds per month, insurance and 5,000 lump sum travel grants to the SEC.

University Scholarship for International Students in Sweden »

Blenkin Institute of Technology Scholarship Program
BTH scholarship programs for prospective students are available to citizens of non-EU / EEA countries who have to pay tuition fees for Swedish education. This scholarship program offers scholarships to cover tuition fees in part. The available levels of tuition fee reduction are 50% and 75%.

University tuition waiver
Boras University offers tuition fee waivers for highly educated students who are required to pay tuition fees and who are applying for a qualified postgraduate program at the university. The scholarships are intended to cover about 50% of tuition fees, they are not designed to cover living expenses.

Chalmers IPOET Scholarship
The IPOET Scholarship is open to citizens of non-EU / EUA countries who have to pay tuition fees and who are applying for the proposed masters programs at the University of Challengers. There is a 75% reduction in scholarship tuition fees.

Halmsted University Scholarship
Every year, Helmstead University offers several scholarships for eligible students from the European Union / EEA and Switzerland who must pay tuition fees. These scholarships are towards master’s programs in any study offered at the university. Helmsted University scholarships cover 25% or 50% of tuition and will be deducted from tuition fees.

Carlstadt University Global Scholarship Program Hip
Scholarships cover 25%, 50%, 75% or 100% tuition fees.

Karolinska Institute Global Masters Scholarship
The Karolinska Institute offers a handful of scholarship fees for great students enrolled in one of our Global Masters programs, beginning each autumn semester for such students. The scholarship only covers the cost of tuition, not the cost of living, and covers only for master’s level education

Christianstadt University Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to citizens outside the European Union / EEA, who are required to pay tuition fees for studying at Christianstadt University. If a scholarship is offered, it will include tuition fees or full or partial deductions.

KTH Royal Institute of Technology tuition fee waiver
E-EU / EEA / EFTA countries are required to pay tuition fees and those who have applied for the Katech Masters program will receive a limited tuition fee waiver. If a scholarship is awarded, tuition fees will be waived for the total length of the program.

Linneus University Scholarship
Linnaeus University Scholarship For students who have applied for a study program from the European Union / EEA and Switzerland and who have applied for a study program at Linnaeus University, the scholarship typically covers 75 percent of the tuition fee, but Linnaeus Academy Off-science and business cover 100 percent of some academic years.

International Scholarship Linking
The Liu International Scholarship is intended to assist international students with the academic ability necessary to pay tuition fees for study abroad from the EU / EEA (and Switzerland). With the Liu International Scholarship, tuition fees are reduced by 25, 50, 75 or 100%.

University of London Global Scholarship Program
Tuition fees may include scholarships of 25%, 50%, 75% or 100%.

Mellardellan university scholarship
Every year, Malardalen University offers a limited number of scholarships to students outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland who are required to pay tuition fees and who are applying for a postgraduate program at the university as their first choice Huh. The scholarship will cover 100% of the tuition fee of the program as long as you follow the general studies plan. The scholarship does not cover the cost of living.

Malm University University Masters Scholarship
The Malm University of Masters Scholarship (MUMS) is for highly talented students who are citizens of any country outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland and are enrolled in an English-taught undergraduate program at Malm University. The scholarship covers the entire tuition fee.

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Middle Sweden University Tuition Fee Scholarship
Students who have applied for a postgraduate program at the University of Mid Sweden and who have to pay tuition fees are welcome to apply for a Mid Sweden University tuition fee scholarship. Tuition fee is reduced to 70,000 SEK or 250,000 SEK depending on the program selected.

Brober University Scholarship Program
The Arbro University Scholarship Program aims to provide education to top academic students from countries outside the European Union / EEA and Switzerland. This scholarship covers full or partial tuition fees, but does not cover living expenses.

University Scholarship in Squad
The university offers very few scholarships for students who are participating in the graduate program at the university and who are responsible for tuition fees. The scholarship is a partial tuition waiver (50% tuition fee).

Stockholm University Scholarship Project
The goal of the scholarship program at Stockholm University is to enroll in the master’s program, especially for qualified students who are from outside the EU / EEA / Switzerland and who have to pay education fees. The scholarship at Stockholm University only covers tuition, meaning that students have to pay for their own living expenses.

Ume য় a University Scholarship
Ume University offers a limited number of scholarships to students outside of Ume / EEA who are part of Ume. Apply for undergraduate degree programs. Selected candidates receive a complete or partial reduction of the education system.

Uppsala IPK Scholarship
The Uppsala University’s IPK Scholarship is targeted towards citizens of any country outside the EU / EEA and Switzerland, and towards programs offered by the university. These scholarships do not cover the cost of tuition but the cost of living.

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